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Grand Guardian Council

Grand Guardian  
Jamie Pratt, 52

Associate Grand Guardian
Luke Matson, 52

Theme: Conquer the World with Job's Daughters

Charity: The HIKE Fund, LLC

Emblem: Globes and Suitcases

Mascot: Penguin

Colors: Emerald Green and Sapphire Blue

Flower: Sunflower

Motto: "You have light and peace inside of you, if you let it out, you can change the world around you." - Uncle Iroh, Avatar- the Last Airbender

2023-2024  Grand Officers

Vice Grand Guardian
Vice Associate Grand Guardian
Grand Guide
Grand Inner Guard
Grand Marshal
Grand Outer Guard

Grand Secretary
Grand Treasurer


Mindy Matson, 52
Don Curry, 98
Judith Grimshaw, 57
Sante Deserio, 48
Maggie Berry, 55
Charles Robertson, 55

Kristin Lange, 61
Carrie Curry, 61

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