Grand Guardian Council

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Grand Guardian

Associate Grand Guardian

Margo Nelson, 96
Howard Kurtz, 24

Theme: Harvest Kindness
Symbol: Pumpkin 
Colors: Fall Hues – Yellow, Orange, Brown
Flowers: Fall Hues – Yellow, Orange, Brown
Motto: Always be Magnificent, Noble, Humble & Kind
Thought for the Day: Be the Reason Someone Smiles
Bible Verse:  James 3:18 Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness
Song: May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You
Charities:  Shriners Hospital and C.O.P.S

2021-2022 Grand Officers

Vice Grand Guardian
Vice Associate Grand Guardian
Grand Guide
Grand Inner Guard
Grand Marshal
Grand Secretary
Grand Treasurer
Grand Chaplain
Grand Librarian
Grand Director of Music
Grand 1st Messenger
Grand 2nd Messenger
Grand 3rd Messenger
Grand 4th Messenger
Grand 5th Mesenger
Grand Jr. Custodian
Grand Sr. Custodian

Carol Deserio, 48
Frank Rahman, 84
Jamie Pratt, 52
Luke Matson, 52
Mindy Matson, 52

Kristin Lange, 61
Carrie Curry, 61
Jennifer Schmittling, 24
Maggie Berry, 55
Teri Raney, 48
Suzanne Knisley, 96
Dana Capra, 63
Kim Ashenbremer, 55
Linda Cooper, 49
Payton Knisley, 96
Sante Deserio, 48
Don Curry,98