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Miss International Job's Daughter (IL)


Natasha S

Miss International Job's Daughter

How do you become a Miss International?
This Miss International Job's Daughter office is earned by competing in a pageant with other jurisdictions Misses. You must have competed and been crowned as Miss in your jurisdiction in order to compete. 

When was the last time Miss International from was Illinois?
30 years ago! The last Miss International JDI crowned from Illinois was Jennifer Mentel-Barnes in 1992. She served during the 1992-1993 term and passed her title as Miss Illinois Job's Daughter to the first runner-up Sharlene MacKay-Momich. Sharlene completed the 1992-1993 term as Miss Illinois. 

Find out more about Natasha and her term as Miss International at 

Congrats Natasha on becoming Illinois' second Miss International Job's Daughter!

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