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Job's Daughters International (formerly International Order of Job's Daughters) was created for the purpose of banding together young women to teach leadership, equality, charity and sisterhood. 

This organization was created for girls between the ages of 10 and 20 who are related to a Master Mason. Those who have no Masonic heritage to be found, can be sponsored by a Master Mason to gain membership to JDI. 

JDI chapters are described as Bethels and there are 16 active bethels in Illinois. A girl wishing to join a bethel in Illinois just needs to complete the application with the signature of their parent or guardian, a current member and Master Mason.

Once an application has been completed and received by a bethel, it is read at their next stated meeting, voted on by current members and an initiation date is set. The girl and her family are invited to attend. No prospective member is hazed or made to feel uncomfortable during the initiation ceremony. All members have gone through the same ceremony and remember it for many years. 


The application to become a member of Job's Daughters International is simple to complete. If you require assistance completing the form, feel free to contact a member or council member of the Bethel you are applying to.

If you are unable to locate a Master Mason within your family, an Master Mason in good standing may sponsor the daughter to gain membership. 

Before applying, please note that no girl should feel Job's Daughters will interfere with other activities. Many of our current members are active in other organizations, sports, or school extra curricular activities.

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