Grand Bethel

Brooke B, PHQ 65

Grand Bethel Honored Queen

Theme: All Around the World

Mascot: Hippo

Emblem: Globe

Colors: Yellow, Green, Blue and Gray

Flower: Sunflower

Song: Sunflower Vol. 6 by Harry Styles

Motto: Adventure Awaits

Bible Verse: "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith - and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God." - Ephesians 2:8

Charity: World Wildlife Fund

2020-2021 Grand Bethel Officers

Grand Bethel Sr. Princess

Grand Bethel Jr. Princess

Grand Bethel Guide

Grand Bethel Marshal

Grand Bethel Chaplain

Grand Bethel Librarian

Grand Bethel Recorder

Grand Bethel Jr. Custodian

Grand Bethel 1st Messenger

Grand Bethel 2nd Messenger

Grand Bethel 3rd Messenger

GrandBethel 5th Messenger

Grand Bethel Flag Bearer

Grand Bethel Choir

Natasha S, 96

Maddie P, 52

Anna M, 48

Natalie G, 52

Kara M, 55

Hailey D, 65

Megan C, 98

Bella M, 65

Kyra D, 111

Hayley F, 55

Lauren R, 55

Megan O, 52

Chloe S, 52

Mara V, 52

Taylor R

Clarissa G

Grand Bethel Guardian

Associate Grand Bethel Guardian

Cathy Worlow, 111

Ron Knourek, 14

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