Grand Bethel

Sierra M, PHQ 55/111

Grand Bethel Honored Queen

Theme: Nintendo

Mascot: Link & Zelda

Emblem: The Tri-Force

Colors: Lavender, Pale Pink, Gold, Red, Emerald Green & Sapphire Blue

Flowers: Lilacs

Song: The Beatles - Blackbird & Zelda's Lullaby

Motto: "Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire"
               Jennifer Lee

Charity: The Gary Sinise Foundation

2019-2020 Grand Bethel Officers

Grand Bethel Sr. Princess

Grand Bethel Jr. Princess

Grand Bethel Guide

Grand Bethel Marshal

Grand Bethel Treasurer

Grand Bethel Chaplain

Grand Bethel Librarian

Grand Bethel 3rd Messenger

GrandBethel 5th Messenger

Grand Bethel Flag Bearer

Grand Bethel Choir

Brooke B, 65

Natasha S, 96

Amanda F, 52/57

Kyra D, 111

Shannon C, 14

Sky L, 55

Anna M, 52/48

Maddie P, 52

Shelby O, 49

Mariah B, 55

Jasmyn C, 111

Lauren R, 55/48

Lauryn G, 65

Aubrey G, 65

Grand Bethel Guardian

Associate Grand Bethel Guardian

Judy Gordon, 55

Rusty Pratt, 52

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