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Miss & Jr Miss ILJD

Taylor R Miss.JPG

Taylor R.

Miss Illinois Job's Daughter

Theme: Mamma Mia
Emblem: Disco Ball
Colors: White and Light Blue
Charity: Choose Joy
Motto: "Life is short and the world is wide, I want to make some Memories."

Disco Ball_edited.png
Channing S.JPG

Channing S.

Jr. Miss Illinois Job's Daughter

Theme: Fields of Flowers
Motto: "In a World full of Colors, be the Vibrant shade of Pink." - Alexandra Vasiliu
Color: Pink
Flower: Hydrangea



How do you become a Miss or Jr Miss?

This Miss and Jr Miss ILJD are offices that are earned by competing in a pageant. While this is not a beauty pageant, it is about your knowledge of Job's Daughters, your presence, and dedication to the order. Contestants compete in a written test, recitation of a predetermined section of our ritual and an in person interview with the judges. The night of the pageant, contestants are given a question to answer in front of the audience to be scored. If contestants make it to the final round, they are each given an in depth question they have had no chance to prepare for. The crown is then passed onto the contestant with the highest score. It takes hard work and dedication to become Miss or Jr Miss ILJD. 

Miss contestants must be 16 years old by the time of the Miss International Pageant. Contestants younger than that and as young at 10 compete as Jr Miss contestants. 

What happens if you win Miss ILJD?

The Miss ILJD is automatically registered to compete in the Miss International pageant at the following Supreme Session. The pageant process is more in depth and there are contestants from almost every jurisdiction in our order (20+). The ILJD pageant is meant as a stepping stone towards Miss International. 

Does the Jr Miss compete at the Miss International pageant?

No, there has never been a Jr Miss International pageant. This is partially due to the time commitment and travel schedule the Miss International takes on in her role. The Miss International travels to the countries where there are Job's Daughters, this includes Australia, Brazil the Philippines and Canada. Plus, from the east coast to the west coast in the United States. 

What do the Miss and Jr Miss ILJD do?

As any ambassador of IL, they represent our state. They have earned their titles and travel our state. Their roles are to promote the order and to raise money for their chosen charities. 

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