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What should I wear?

Name tags are to be worn at all times

Suggested Attire– It is the responsibility of everyone attending Grand Session to dress appropriately. Please remember that your attire and behavior reflect Job’s Daughters and we want to ensure that it is a positive reflection.


Please wear a Job’s Daughters shirt as often as possible; there is no better way to promote our Order.


NOT allowed at any time during Grand Session: Short-shorts, cutoffs, crop tops, halter tops, or bare midriffs are not allowed. Pajamas may only be worn your hotel room.

Formal Events:

(Formal Opening, Formal Banquet, Pageant, Grand Bethel Installation, and the Grand Guardian Council Installation)

Ladies: knee length or longer formals, gowns or dressy dresses or dressy palazzo style pants. Appropriately fitted strapless, halter, one shoulder, spaghetti straps are acceptable, however, at no time should any undergarments be shown! 

Gentlemen: Tuxedo, suits, or sport coat and tie. 


Grand Bethel Meeting:

Grand Bethel Officers: Grand Bethel Regalia.

All Job’s Daughters: Official Regalia (slip, knee highs, slippers, headbands, cords). 

Honored Queens & Princesses should wear the official regalia as outlined (no capes or crowns).

Adult Ladies: Knee length or longer skirts or dresses, or dress pants. All tops should be in good taste, no plunging necklines. 


Males: Dress pants, slacks and collared shirts, polos, or sport coat and tie.



GGC Business Meetings & Luncheons:

Females: knee length or longer skirts or dresses, dress pants, slacks, or pantsuits. All tops should be in good taste, no plunging necklines.

Males: Dress pants or slacks and collard shirts, polos, or sports coat and ties.


(Rehearsals, Hospitality, Downtime)

All Attendees: Jeans, khaki shorts, athletic pants, casual shirts, polo’s or t-shirts. NO short shorts. Pajamas/pajama pants may not be worn outside of your hotel room.


We encourage everyone to wear a Job’s Daughters shirt as often as possible when out and about in order to promote ILJD.



There should be no string or thong suits. All swimwear must fit appropriately.

Cover-ups and footwear must be worn going to and from the pool areas.

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