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Where do I need to be?

It is expected that all Daughters will be at all required functions and that the CAV’s will ensure attendance. Attendance is required for the entirety of the event unless an illness or other urgent situation prevents this. 


  • Formal Opening

  • Grand Bethel Meeting

  • Pageant

  • Jobie Hour

  • Grand Guardian Council & Grand Bethel Installation

  • Worship Service/Necrology


  • Formal Opening

  • Grand Guardian Council Meetings (ALL Meeting Sessions)

  • Pageant

  • Grand Guardian Council & Grand Bethel Installation

  • Worship Service

What if I am sick?

If a daughter is ​ill and this prevents her from attending a required function, the parents should always be notified and is the responsibility of the CAV & Bethel Guardian to make a decision is the Daughter needs to leave Grand Session.

If an adult is ill, please ensure that someone is made aware so that their lack of presence is known. This will ensure the adult does not require additional care and allow them the ability to be checked on as necessary. If you are the CAV chaperone and need to leave Grand Session, a CAV replacement needs to be identified and travel arrangements made for the Daughters if this is affected. 

What if I have an emergency and need to leave?

It is the responsibility of the CAV Chaperone and BG to ensure a Daughter acquires appropriate transportation should an emergency arrive that causes the Daughter to leave Grand Session. Should she be a state officer, notification to the appropriate people should be communicated immediately.

Adults may leave as necessary if they are not the CAV Chaperone but notify an appropriate person as a courtesy. Chaperones must identify a new chaperone and communicate alternate transportation needs for Daughters they transported. 

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